From planning member events to setting up for the American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) show, there's a committee for everyone! AAF Madison provides opportunities for members to get involved in whatever interests them most. Don't pass up the opportunity to meet and work with other members.

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Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee, Chad Hopper & Julie Brown

This committee is responsible for recommending sponsorship programs for all events and programs, including defining levels of sponsorship. They will work with individual event committees on sponsorship efforts. In addition, the committee will develop and implement strategies for attracting new sponsors, solicit targeted sponsorships and ensure sponsor benefits are provided and sponsors are satisfied with their participation; develops sponsor “thank you” initiatives.

This committee is also responsible for raising money to fund a number of the club's activities including the AAF Madison Foundation, which grants scholarships to area college students; AAF Madison recognition programs such as the Silver Medal Award and additional programming and seminars for members and their guests.

Communications Committee, Jessica Morrison

The Communications & PR committee promotes the activities of AAF-Madison through email marketing, media releases, special promotions and outreach to the advertising community in the Madison area. 

Membership Committee, Erin Horswill & Melissa Meyer
The membership committee is responsible for attracting and maintaining members. It helps to develop benefits and incentives for members; develop membership kits/materials; list of potential members; assists in the collection of member dues and maintains membership table at all AAF-Madison events.

American Advertising Awards Committee (ADDYs), Kelly Meyer & Jessica Witt
The annual American Advertising Awards program recognizes creative excellence in locally created advertising. The committee is responsible for the every component of the competition including call for entries, judges, the show book, presentation of the show, and coordination with District 8 and National ADDY awards competitions.