2017 Lois Weiland Excellence in Service Award

Congratulations to Norman E. Lorenz, the 2017 AAF Madison Lois Weiland Excellence in Service Award Recipient. We honored Norm at the AAF Madison Summer Party on August 15th at Capital Brewery.  

A bit more about Norm...
Norm started his WMTV career working with 16 mm film in the film department.  He was hired on 2/1/77, a year after his UW Madison graduation. He was promoted to Film Director two years later.  

As new owners brought change to the station, he worked on the studio crew for news, and on PM Magazine and Outdoors Calling as an editor, producing on 1” tape.  He also ran Master Control for almost a year.

As a jack of all trades, Norm could be found helping wherever he was needed.  He worked on on-location productions and helped the late Bob Friedl build a couple of news sets.  He created Claymation characters and scenes for commercials.  

Norm spent most of his 38 years as a creative services writer/producer. He has written and produced literally thousands of commercials and station promos for advertisers and NBC15, before his retirement on 3/5/15.  With his creative vision and ideas, Norm developed commercials that contributed to the success of clients’ businesses and helped turn them into household names.  His effective station promotions grew NBC15’s ratings.

Norm is an avid supporter of both AAF Madison and Ad2 Madison and promoted both clubs with great enthusiasm. He attended our member meetings as often as he could and shared how invaluable he found the programming topics to be for personal growth and the advancement of advertising. He is passionate about television, advertising and communications, driving him to volunteer for 17 years on the American Advertising Awards committee, even taking vacation time to help with the television and radio entries. His favorite part of volunteering was assisting with Judging and seeing all the amazing creative work that was submitted.

Here are a few of Norm's favorite quotes that many of his co-workers and friends never get tired of hearing. Nothing ALWAYS works and Good, fast, cheap - Pick two.

In his free time, Norm played in a polka band (9 years), a rock 'n' roll band (7 years), a 1930s/1940s band (20 years), and the Oregon Community Band (32 years).  One of these bands bears his name, the Stormin’ Norman Band, which still makes occasional local appearances, and gives him the opportunity to show that he’s still one mean saxophone player. 

Norm married his wife, Michele, also a musician, and they will celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary in September.  They are members of Luther Memorial Church, where they both volunteer.  Norm’s upbeat nature brings joy to everyone that knows him, especially the many family and friends he helps.

Nominations will open in May 2018.

About Lois Weiland...

If you've ever spent any time with the American Advertising Federation, you connected with the enthusiastic smile of Lois Weiland. As Executive Director for over 25 years, Lois was the life blood that flowed through AAF Madison. Tireless in fulfilling her duties from fundraising to membership to ADDYs to 8th District to National and everything in between, Lois was the first one there and the last to leave. We were lucky to have a dedicated soul like Lois, who planned her vacations and trips around critical AAF functions, and who never missed a meeting in over 25 years!

Because of her ability to instantly connect with people and promote AAF, Lois helped maintain and grow our membership during her tenure. She was a fearless fundraiser in attaining everything necessary to run a successful association including volunteers, sponsorships and donations. While the Board of Directors and committee members change after every election, Lois was the trusted constant source of information and organization. It is fitting to honor Lois and her contributions to AAF Madison by naming this Excellence in Service Award The Weily after her.

Nomination Criteria
The Lois Weiland Excellence in Service to AAF Madison Award is given to a current or past member of AAF Madison who has made outstanding contributions to the Club. The nominee’s distinguished service to AAF Madison should be over a considerable period of time and reflect contributions above and beyond the call of duty. 

The nominee must:
• Work or have worked in advertising, marketing, creative or PR fields.
• Currently be or have been actively involved in AAF at the local, district or national level.
• Exhibit similar qualities of devotion to duty and member service, as well as furthering the club’s educational programming and award program as were reflected in Lois Weiland’s career with AAF Madison.
• Demonstrate exceptional leadership by providing guidance and strategic planning for AAF Madison to achieve their mission and goals, and lead the Club to growth.

Please have the following information available to nominate a worthy candidate:
• Nominee name, current title, and business affiliation.
• A summary of significant contributions the nominee made to the advancement of the goals of AAF Madison and the advertising industry.
• A brief summary of the nominee’s business career.
• Other relative information you would like to share.
• Name, current title, business affiliation, phone number and email of person submitting the nomination.

All nominations are presented to the Excellence in Service Committee for selection by secret ballot. The award is presented at the annual AAF Madison Summer Party in August.