Submit a Job Posting

Please email us to submit a job or intern posting. AAF Members can submit job postings free of charge. We will also post your open positions on our AAF fb and LinkedIn pages if you include your approval to post to social media when you send in your request. We are happy to post for Non-Members for $25.00 per posting.

AAF Madison Internship Program
Is your company offering an internship? Are you a student seeking an internship?  AAF Madison is here to help you connect!  One of AAF Madison’s Education Committee’s responsibilities is to administer the student internship program.  The objective of the committee is to assist AAF Madison in acting as a clearinghouse for internships by providing the student resumes to interested companies.  Students interested in the advertising-related fields are encouraged to submit resumes to AAF-Madison in order for us to connect you with a internship employer.

Include the following information in your email.

  • Hiring Manager's Name
  • Hiring Manager's Job Title
  • Hiring Manager's Email Address
  • Company/Organization Name:
  • Company/Organization Address:
  • Telephone Number: 
  • Brief description of your company/organization:
  • Is this a job or internship posting?
  • If this is a job posting, what is the salary range?
  • Nature of job or internship:
  • Skills required/Job Requirements:
  • Hours required:
  • Is your business located on or near a bus line?
  • How would you like applicants to reply to this listing?